Sander Vanhoegaerden

Hi there!
I am a motivated tech enthusiast currently working as a Full Stack Software Engineer at AE.
Take a look at my personal projects below and you can find my professional endeavours on LinkedIn.
Don't hesitate to contact me and enjoy!


Website Pas Security

PAS Security - Website

Creating the new company website. This was a solo project I did during my free time.

  • Interacting with the client to expose existing problems.
  • Finding solutions that improved the website experience.
  • Cutting the cost for the client.
Vue.js Nuxt.js JavaScript HTML/CSS Bulma Express.js Git
Website Nexios IT

Nexios IT - Website & employee portal
March 2018 - June 2018

Creating the new company website. Creating the new company portal. This was a project I worked on together with another intern.

  • Meeting with all the stakeholders to list the business requirements.
  • Deciding the application architecture to create the new websites from scratch.
  • Getting feedback from more experienced developers to improve our understanding of the project.
  • Presenting the final result to the employees and director of the company.
  • Nexios IT uses a slightly adapted version of the website created by us.
Vue.js Nuxt.js JavaScript HTML/CSS Bulma Angular Bootstrap Java Spring MongoDB Git Agile
Website Currency Analytics

UCLL - Graduation project

February 2018

Graduation project at UCLL. This was a project I worked on with 3 other students.

  • Researching crypto currency data from Twitter, Binance, and Coinmarketcap. We used their APIs to gather the data.
  • Displaying visualisations of the data on our website/dashboard.
  • Learning new technologies during a short amount of time.
  • Prioritizing a lot of work with tight deadlines in a team context.
Vue.js JavaScript HTML/CSS Bulma Python PostgreSQL Git Agile
Website jobbeurs UCLL

UCLL - School project
March 2016

Creating the new job fair website for UCLL. My role was project owner. We won the competition against the other teams and the website is still used today.

  • Communicating with the client.
  • Creating user stories for the developers.
  • Using Agile and Kanban to ensure a great result.
  • Leading the team.
JavaScript HTML/CSS Bootstrap Java SQL Git Agile